Lanes Cove Seawall Celebration

All summer the community watched as granite blocks were meticulously gathered around a concrete core to form the new sea wall at Lanes Cove. Amazingly this work was done with large excavating equipment that, to the average person would not be capable of producing such a precisely laid wall.  

On December 14 a thank you lunch and reception were held to thank the Crew who did such a wonderful job at restoring the see wall.  The community came togather to prepare a lobster and chowder lunch, followed by a public reception, music and community socializing. The celebration was a great success and very much appreciated by the crew and all those that turned out to thank them for their work.

In addition to the crew, the community recognizes and thanks Mike Hale (Director of Public Works)  for his drive to make this project a reality. It’s very likely that the restoration project would not have happened without his leadership.

The Lanesville community also deserves recognition for caring about their community and those that help preserve it. Where else dose a community get together to recognize those that make public works efforts possible? Just another example as to why Lanesville is a unique, involved and captivating community!




One thought on “Lanes Cove Seawall Celebration

  1. What a wonderful site to see the wall repaired! I am 78 years old and have loved the cove. To see it looking so beautiful, brings back many fond memories of my days spent there through my life. Walking on the left side and sitting on the end listening to my transistor radio , watching the Lobster Men in their Newfoundland dories, rowing backwards in a steady cadence, wearing souwester’s going out to pull their lobster pots. Sitting in the cove watching a watercolor class being taught by Bernie Gerstner. I loved visiting with my dad in the “Shack” across from the restored one. I live in California now and come to the website every morning to say hello to the part of the world that will always have my heart.
    Thank you.


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